Public WiFi, Marketing & Real Time Analytics


Legally Compliant Public WiFi

Having carried out thousands of successful installations of Legally Compliant Public WiFi, we know what needs to be done in order to achieve the best results. Safety on the web and protecting yourself is an absolute must in a time that everyone relies on internet connectivity.

Hotel reservations can be chosen purely on who offers a free wifi service, customers will stay in your pub or restaurant longer if they can stay connected. Digital Marketing is the new way to target your customers directly, and by knowing who you are targeting your offers can become more bespoke

94% of people cite Wi-Fi as the most important amenity. – Hotel Chatter

Public WiFi is one of the most talked about subjects in IT and is fast becoming and essential part of the Retail Sector. People looking to save money by purchasing online, or checking for the latest special offers in store. It is important you keep up to speed and give your customers the best connectivity possible, it’s sure to bring them back for more.

50% of consumers feel comfortable making a large purchase in-store if Wi-Fi access is available. – Accenture

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