EvolveODM’s commitment to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)


At EvolveODM we take our responsibility for providing a safe internet experience seriously. That’s why we are dedicated members of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), whose goal is to eliminate child sexual abuse images online and to minimise the availability of other potentially criminal internet content. In this blog, we explain the IWF’s remit and why EvolveODM is 100% committed to supporting their vision.

Who is the IWF?

The IWF was formed in 1996 to combat the hosting of indecent images of children in the UK and with it came the introduction of the UK internet Hotline; a place for web users to report criminal online content in a secure and confidential way.

This independent, self-regulatory body assesses public complaints about child sexual abuse content online and has supported the development of website rating systems.

It also provides a ‘notice and takedown’ service to advise ISPs, in partnership with the Police, to remove illicit content and blocks inadvertent exposure thanks to a dynamic list of banned web pages.

What do the IWF do?

The IWF works in close partnership with online providers like us, government, law enforcement, and international partners to reduce the availability of criminal online content.

This specifically relates to:

  • Child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the world
  • Non-photographic images of child sexual abuse hosted in the UK
  • Criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK.

You should report any such criminal content on the internet to the IWF. They will take action to remove it and your intervention could help to rescue a young victim from further abuse.

Commenting on the IWF website, Susie Hargreaves, IWF CEO said: “Less than 1% of known child sexual abuse images are hosted in the UK and the IWF is working hard internationally to speed up the action taken abroad to remove these images.

“As people abuse different technologies it’s vital that all organisations work together to combat this criminality,” she added.

Why is it important for EvolveODM to be a member of the IWF?

EvolveODM fully supports the IWF’s vision to eradicate online images of child sexual abuse. We are part of a growing number of more than 100 worldwide members committed to making the internet a safer place.

These include household names like BT, Vodafone, Google, the BBC and McAfee.

That’s to name just a few, but it highlights the collaborated effort that we are making as an industry to tackle child protection issues and the proliferation of criminal content.

Being a member of the IWF helps us to provide a safer service for you; our users.

It reduces the risk of finding criminal content online; empowers our staff to fight online criminal content; and provides a trusted body for you, and us, to report illegal content to.

We believe that, by working together, we can make a difference.

EvolveODM is an active member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). To talk to us about how we can help to make your internet service a safer experience, please contact us on 0845 075 3820. For more information about the IWF visit www.iwf.org.uk.


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