EvolveODM – A Quick Introduction to Public WiFi


EvolveODM’s commitment to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)


At EvolveODM we take our responsibility for providing a safe internet experience seriously. That’s why we are dedicated members of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), whose goal is to eliminate child sexual abuse images online and to minimise the availability of other potentially criminal internet content. In this blog, we explain the IWF’s remit and why EvolveODM is 100% committed to supporting their vision.

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Are you PCI Compliant?

PCI Compliance

The world’s only WiFi/PCI Level 1 certified, legally compliant combined solution…

EvolveODM & Phoenix Managed Networks have come together to create the worlds only combined Legally Compliant Public WiFi and PCI solution with Visa certified level 1 PCI accreditation.

Businesses of all sizes have an obligation to protect the sensitive and confidential information entrusted to them.

No upfront costs and no hidden fees. Unlike other managed security services, with PhoeniXSentry you’re not wasting money on hardware that has to be upgraded every other year or on hidden fees. PhoeniXSentry is delivered as a subscription service. Your company will be protected with the same high level of network security and management that the world’s largest corporations and banks benefit from, but without the high cost and complexity. In fact, PhoeniXSentry costs less than a cup of premium coffee per day!

If you are interested, call 0845 075 3820 for more information.

Plug & Push WiFi… How to setup your own Public WiFi Hotspot in as little as 5 minutes.

Public WiFi

Public WiFi is the hot topic of the IT world right now. Social Media and Digital Marketing are becoming a normal part of everyone’s life, and the need for constant connectivity is driving the demand for Free Public WiFi.

It’s a known fact that people make every day decisions based on whether or not they will get a free wifi connection…

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Public WiFi, Marketing & Real Time Analytics


Legally Compliant Public WiFi

Having carried out thousands of successful installations of Legally Compliant Public WiFi, we know what needs to be done in order to achieve the best results. Safety on the web and protecting yourself is an absolute must in a time that everyone relies on internet connectivity.

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Target the relevant customer demographic, with your latest offers and promotions.


Retail WiFi is one of the most talked about subjects in the IT world recently, therefore WiFi is fast becoming an essential part of the Retail sector’s multi channel offering. Today’s ever changing and demanding consumer environment mean that more and more of us are increasing our time online daily. Mainly looking for special offers, continued and easier access to information, the purchase of goods and interactive social networking.

It is important you keep up to speed and give your customers the best connectivity and increase the amount of access they have to information about your products.

Installing your own hotspot, allows you to control usage by consumers, what they see and what you communicate to them. Capturing customer data and pushing out ‘on-demand’ marketing messages.